Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  Dear Orla was created after the loss of our beautiful daughter in May 2016.  Orla was stillborn at 37 weeks following a smooth, happy and low risk pregnancy.  Sadly, no cause was found, which we have since learned is actually a common outcome for many people who lose their babies.  Stillbirth is a tragic reality for 1 in 200 babies born in the UK; it is utterly devastating and life changing and seems unbelievable that we have one of the worst rates in the developed world.  This has motivated me to want to speak out since I truly believe that by raising awareness, we can help to support charities that work tirelessly to fund the research required to save babies lives.  But we need to start talking about stillbirth.


Since losing Orla, my husband and I have written her letter a letter every single day.  This has helped us to process some of the many confusing and overwhelming feelings as well as helping to keep her memory alive.  Writing to, about, and for Orla is teaching me to live life to the full, love with the whole of my heart and to wholeheartedly embrace vulnerability and honesty.  I owe her everything.


This is my journey of learning to live without our daughter in my arms; using my psychological knowledge to support my mental health and wellbeing and discovering that which I don’t yet know.