Me, thee and PND

“I think you’re depressed’ The words that still ring through my ears when I think about the day that the perinatal mental health nurse turned up at my door.  It had been a difficult morning; baby refusing to sleep, pacing...Read More

And then she was one

And just like that, she was one.   Except, when I really think about it, it wasn’t ‘just like that’ at all.  The first year of parenting after loss has been a complete rollercoaster; a Big Dipper, with the highest...Read More


Humans are social beings; we like to belong to a group.  We need to feel included, connected and to have people who we feel allied with.  Friendship, work, social and hobby groups; we find comfort and affiliation with those who...Read More

You are so strong

Strong: Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks Able to withstand force, pressure, or wear Very intense   After losing your baby, this is something that many people seem to say: ‘you are so...Read More