Who, or even what, am I?  These seem to be that much more difficult to answer in the aftermath of loss.

I am Michelle: Mother. Wife. Psychologist.  Currently finding my way in life following the loss of my first daughter and experiencing Post Natal Depression after the birth of my second.

I write in an attempt to process and make sense of what I am going through, to share with others who may be experiencing something similar, and to add to the collection of voices that speak out about baby loss and mental health.  Those who have shared their stories before me absolutely saved my life in the early days of grief, and I will forever be grateful.

Here I share my thoughts on life, pregnancy and parenting after loss as well as mental health from both sides of the couch.

Thank you for popping along and having a read!

Michelle x


Version 2


Everything I write here is a reflection of my own personal experiences and I hope you find it informative.  However, it is not intended as professional psychological advice.