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Help…..I need somebody (or something)…

  Over the past week or so, I have seen a few worrying examples online of people asking for help for their mental health and having some really difficult and invalidating experiences.  And whilst psychologists do not take a hippocratic oath, I felt that I couldn’t sit back and say nothing, in case I could…… Continue reading Help…..I need somebody (or something)…

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Somewhere over the rainbow….PND sadly still exists

I’m not sure where you even start with a post such as this; it’s hard to know whether there even is a beginning, and I certainly haven’t reached the end yet, so I guess it’s a case of starting from where I am now.   I have been experiencing postnatal depression.   If I’m honest,…… Continue reading Somewhere over the rainbow….PND sadly still exists


#SleepOnSide and save babies lives

  Today, Tommy’s release their new campaign, #SleepOnSide, which aims to empower women to change their sleep position in order to ensure safer pregnancies and to reduce the rates of stillbirth.   When we found out that Orla had died at 37 weeks, we were told there and then not to expect any answers as…… Continue reading #SleepOnSide and save babies lives



Humans are social beings; we like to belong to a group.  We need to feel included, connected and to have people who we feel allied with.  Friendship, work, social and hobby groups; we find comfort and affiliation with those who have common ground, those with similar likes and dislikes and those who we feel will…… Continue reading Belonging

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Regret me not: Coping with regrets in life after loss

  Regret; the sense of sadness or repentance for having done or not done something.   I carry an overwhelming sense of regret in this life I live after loss, and it is something that can be a heavy burden to bear.  After all, there is no going back, no changing what has been done…… Continue reading Regret me not: Coping with regrets in life after loss

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You are so strong

Strong: Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks Able to withstand force, pressure, or wear Very intense   After losing your baby, this is something that many people seem to say: ‘you are so strong’ or ‘I don’t think I could be as strong as you’.  I know this…… Continue reading You are so strong


Be(a)ware: Why raise awareness?

Today marks the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week; every year from the 9th – 15th October, bereaved parents, their families and professionals unite to remember and commemorate their babies as well as raising awareness about the issues surrounding baby loss.  Babies can die at many different stages in many different ways: miscarriage, ectopic and…… Continue reading Be(a)ware: Why raise awareness?