Why fundraise?

We would love for Orla’s short life to touch more than just her family and friends and want to do something that would make her as proud of us as her parents as we are of her.  We are committed to making a difference to other people’s lives in Orla’s honour.

Stillbirth and neonatal death is not just one of those things and unfortunately it is not rare.  Did you know:

– Around 4,000 babies are stillborn each year and another 2,500 die before they reach 4 weeks old.  That is around 17 babies every single day
– Stillbirths happen ten times more frequently than cot deaths: 1 in 2,500 babies die from cot death; 1 in 200 are stillborn.  Yet, while the levels of cot death have fallen dramatically in recent years, levels of stillbirth and neonatal death have remained virtually unchanged for 20 years
– Stillbirth is the major cause of perinatal death.  It is shocking that the majority of stillbirths happen in pregnancies that were considered to be low risk, such as mine.  In many cases the baby died near the end of the pregnancy, which means that if they had been delivered the baby might potentially have survived

This is an absolute tragedy.

Researchers estimate that if problem pregnancies could be better identified a significant proportion of stillbirths may be preventable.  However, for many years very little has been done and very little money has been allocated to finding out why these deaths happen and what can be done to prevent them.

Charities such as Sands and Tommy’s are determined to change this situation, by funding research which will give answers to why babies are dying and what can be done to stop it happening.   They want to ensure that fewer families experience the death of a baby; to understand why some pregnancies go wrong and how to spot which pregnancies are at risk; to ensure the care mothers and babies receive is effective and of the highest standard; to know what can be done to prevent things going wrong and to ensure each baby has the best chance of survival. Sands knows that much more could be done to prevent so many of these tragic and cruel deaths.

#CyclingForOrla 2016

unknown2In honour of Orla, Andy, set off exactly three months after her birth to cycle from Canada to Mexico – an amazing 1883.2 miles which he completed in just 36 days. To put this amazing achievement into context, in those 36 days Andy:

  • Cycled 1883.2 miles – that’s the same as going round the M25 16.1 times. If we add his training miles (1450.9), this would increase to 28.5 laps
  • Climbed 34,060 metres, which is the same as climbing Mount Everest 3.85 times.
  • Burnt 111,400 calories, which is the equivalent of 198 Big Macs.
  • Cycled for 123 hours – that would be 5.1 days non stop.

We were able to raise over £12,180 for Sands as well as raising lots of awareness of stillbirth along the way.  Here are just some of the photos of our amazing trip:



Aunty Hayley and Uncle Phil will be running the 2017 Brighton Marathon for Tommy’s in memory of Orla.  unknown

You can sponsor them here:





We will be remembering Orla at each special occasion by making a donation to Tommy’s in her honour:unknown

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