#CyclingForOrla 2016

£12,254 raised for Sands

unknown2In honour of Orla, Andy, set off exactly three months after her birth to cycle from Canada to Mexico – an amazing 1883.2 miles which he completed in just 36 days. To put this amazing achievement into context, in those 36 days Andy:

  • Cycled 1883.2 miles – that’s the same as going round the M25 16.1 times. If we add his training miles (1450.9), this would increase to 28.5 laps
  • Climbed 34,060 metres, which is the same as climbing Mount Everest 3.85 times.
  • Burnt 111,400 calories, which is the equivalent of 198 Big Macs.
  • Cycled for 123 hours – that would be 5.1 days non stop.

We were able to raise over £12,180 for Sands as well as raising lots of awareness of stillbirth along the way.  Here are just some of the photos of our amazing trip: