#CyclingForOrla 2017

This year, Cycling For Orla continues and this time we are raising money for Tommy’s, who work tirelessly to undertake research that actually saves babies lives and campaigning to raise awareness and to support safer pregnancies.unknown

Andy will be participating in Ride London in July, cycling 100 miles throughout London and Surrey.  Then in September, he will be taking a solo cycle ride from London to Lands End.  As with #CyclingForOrla 2016, I will again be his support vehicle, but this time accompanied by our rainbow Esme.


#CyclingForOrla 2017 – Random Acts of Kindness

Dedicating a random act of kindness to a baby gone too soon

In the same way we did whilst #CyclingForOrla 2016, we would like to mark Orla’s existence along the way, but this year we would like to remember and honour other babies too by undertaking some random acts of kindness.  In order to do this, I will be hand making some small gifts to leave / give to people along the way.  Each gift will include a tag with details of the trip and our fundraising for Tommy’s, as well as the name of the baby that this random act of kindness is dedicated to.  We will take photos of these gifts and the places they are left and will leave details of each baby on this page.  Therefore the people who receive these gifts can come and read a little more about the baby it was dedicated to.

The hope will be to raise lots of awareness as well as much needed money to save babies lives.  It is also an opportunity for someone new to #SayTheirName

If you would like to dedicate a random act of kindness gift to your baby (or a baby you know who has gone too soon), or you are a recipient of a random act of kindness, then we would love it if you could make a donation to our fundraising page:


Have you found a random act of kindness?

Congratulations and we hope you enjoy it!  Your gift was dedicated by someone who has, or knows, a baby that has sadly been taken too soon.  Miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and SIDS are sadly very common and affect thousands of families.  The impact of losing a baby is overwhelming and far reaching, but is often not spoken about.  We remember and think of our babies every single day: they existed and their lives mattered, no matter how short.

Many bereaved parents love to have the opportunity to speak or hear their son’s or daughter’s name.  Therefore, knowing that someone new will get to know of their baby’s existence is priceless.  Please read below to find out more about the baby your gift was dedicated to.

And although there is absolutely no obligation, if you would like to donate to Tommy’s, who work so hard to save babies lives and ensure safer pregnancies, then you can do so here:



Random Acts of Kindness for babies gone too soon

  1. Orla Cottle 03.05.2016 @dear_orla www.dear-orla.com
  2. Phoebe Lee 04.01.2016 @aimeecol
  3. Leo Phoenix 17.01.2016 @thelegacyofleo www.thelegacyofleo.com
  4. Guy Jones 13.11.2015 – @stormsandrainbowsblog www.stormsandrainbows.co.uk
  5. Arthur Pickle Yeates 05.02.2016 – @kat_yeates79
  6. Findlay Eric 06.07.2015 – ‘Always loved, forever missed’ @postcards_for_findlay www.postcardsforfindlay.com
  7. Sebby (Sebastian Clark) 08.03.2017 – 12.03.2017 – #thankyouSebby
  8. Elsie Balfour 22.06.2015 – In my thoughts every day’
  9. Evelyn Katie Ward 03.03.2016 – @clairekward
  10. Charles who would have been 40 this year but was taken from us at just 6 months old.  From his cousin Hilary We remember and love him always’
  11. Amelia Tanton 12.02.2017 – @love_from_mummy
  12. Caleb Hooton 11.07.2016
  13. Rosie Jo Tennick 16.09.2015 – 17.09.2015 –  www.facebook.com/Rosieswings
  14. Maeve 16.04.2013 – @the_maeve_effect
  15. Skye Grace Elliott 03.02.2017 – Born still, from Cambridge @Twix26
  16. Solomon 23.06.2017 – @muggedoffmother www.muggedoffmother.blogspot.co.uk
  17. Isobel Salter 26.06.2015 – In memory of a very precious little girl; born sleeping and is very sorely missed by her family and friends’.  @llamaluciana
  18. Carys Aurora  05.10.2015 – 29.11.2015 – @megangreasley https://m.facebook.com/CarysAurora/
  19. Dylan Abbott My beautiful boy, my daughter’s twin. I still wonder about you. I still miss you. I still love you. I always will.
  20. Theo Arthur Crussell  06.08.2015 – @4theoa www.4theo.co.uk
  21. Tom Fitton 12.10.2015 – stillborn at 41 weeks
  22. Ophelia Lily 07.07.2014 – Stillborn the day before her due date @sarahangelicon
  23. Lucas James Fisher 16.02.2017 – An angel born sleeping.  Sending strength and love to Louella and Jonny who will keep Lucas’ memory alive in everything they do x
  24. Sarah Tearle 30.04.2016 – our daughter and Elizabeth’s big sister born sleeping at 42 weeks
  25. Finley Goodman 18.12.2015 – Our beautiful boy born sleeping.  “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, That’s where I’ll be waiting.” @lifewithelsie_ 
  26. Aneurin 31.07.2015 – ‘For our sweet Pea, Aneurin, born still. You are forever missing from us’  @ElenaLucie (IG) @Frivolous Mama (FB) www.frivolousmama.com
  27. Francis and Gabriel Taylor 17.01.2017 – Our beautiful twin boys born too soon @VictoriaMayT
  28. Ewan Daly 06.03.2012 – Big brother to Austin and Iris, our first born, beautiful boy. Stillborn at 41 weeks https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ewandaly
  29. Lily Bella – )ur angel baby
  30. ‘Blueberry’ Kavanagh who never made it into this world but was an important part of our live
  31. Caspar Oren
  32. Beau Alexander